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The oak we import is the European oak or Quercus robur.


There are many applications for this type of wood that are widely known, so I think no description is needed here. Except for the special feature that the thermal treatment of oak has no use. In the past it was sometimes done, but it has been seen that this is useless or by exception.


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Freshly cut alder has an orange-red color in particular, the longitudinal side is white.

After a while it becomes pale yellow.

It is soft but tough and moderately strong. Weighs up to 640kg / m³

Shrinks 4% and 6.5%.

Can be well glued.

Good for: sauna, damp places.

Is light and cheap and yet much first choice has almost no spider.


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The color varies from white to olive yellow. Fresh it can have a semblance of pink. As it dries in the light, the color changes to yellow.

Hardwood is little and is very tough.

Weights wet 830 kg / m³

Shrinks 3.2 to 5.6%

Good for: woodwork, parquet floors, wanted for deck veneer, furniture and garden items.

Thermally modified ash especially as wall cladding.


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The color is light brown to dark brown. The sawn wood has a flame away, which gives it a very attractive look. It is solid, tough, fairly light and usually evenly structured. Is quite easy to edit.

Weighs up to 850kg/m³

Shrinkns 2.5 tot 3.7%

Good for: paneling as well as for frames, bodywork and wheelchairs.

Ship blocks and casting models.

Also for floors and façade cladding (same class as oak) already used in France.

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